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Lodi Memorial Hospital has been a part of the community for over 50 years. Lodi Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit healthcare provider that has approximately 173 beds. Its mission is to provide quality medical care, education and support services to the community. Currently, Lodi Memorial has two hospital campuses and eight satellite clinics that are used to provide a variety of inpatient, outpatient, urgent, emergency and primary care services. In 2008, the hospital will break ground for the construction of a new, four-story patient wing. Population growth, new technologies, privacy concerns and state seismic regulations all play a part in the need for Lodi Memorial Hospital to expand its inpatient services and Lodi Memorial is eager to continue upgrading to offer the best service possible to Lodi residents.

In addition to providing quality care to the community, Lodi Memorial Hospital is dedicated to providing education and other support services. Ranking among the highest levels in patient satisfaction and patient outcomes, Lodi Memorial Hospital has proven to be a great asset to the community.

Lodi Memorial provides services to fit everyone's needs in the community. Services include intensive care, 24-hour emergency care, maternity, nursery, pediatric, dialysis, acute physical rehabilitation and surgical services.

Services are provided to all despite income, and a free clinic is available for those who do not have insurance.

The hospital's vision is to provide a system of healthcare services that are clinically effective, quality driven and community focused in an environment that supports and encourages excellence. In partnership with its medical staff, Lodi Memorial assumes accountability for the health of the community, is responsible for illness and injury prevention and provides care for the ill and injured. It measures its success on quality outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Other services include home healthcare, an urgent care clinic, four primary care clinics, a pre-natal clinic and a pediatric clinic.

The Lodi Primary Care Medical Center was formed in 1995 by a group of practitioners who wanted to provide more medical options to their patients. The Center has grown into a practice of 22 primary care practitioners. Of the 22 practitioners, there are 15 family practitioners, six internists, three pediatricians and one physician assistant.

The Center's goal is to provide the best medical care while being cost-effective for patients and their families. LPCMC works with the community to serve both adults and children in and around the Lodi area.

The Delta Radiology Medical Group also serves the Lodi area. The Delta Radiology Medical Group serves St. Joseph's Medical Center, Lodi Memorial Hospital, St. Dominic's Hospital and San Joaquin Hospital.

The group has 15 board-certified radiologists who provide outpatient services in Lodi, Manteca and Stockton. Services in Lodi include state-of-the-art MRIs, mammograms, bone density studies, ultrasounds, CT scans, X-rays and open MRI. The Delta Radiology Group is dedicated to bringing the latest technology to its patients, providing the only digital mammogram that has computer aided detection and utilizes digital X-rays.

Programs and Services

Admitting Information


The Lodi Memorial Hospital Admissions Department is available to assist patients and/or their family members and answer any questions regarding registration or pre-admission information.

Office hours:
Mon. - Fri., 7a-5p

Phone hours:
Mon. - Fri., 8a-5p
800/323-3360, ext. 7579


The Lodi Memorial Hospital Admissions Department wants to ensure that each patient's hospital visit is as comfortable as possible and that all patients receive the best possible care. This guide offers information to facilitate the admission and pre-admission processes.

Hospital admissions and billing processes can sometimes be confusing. A review of this information will help. If there is anything else the hospital staff can do to help, please ask.

Insurance review
Before registering for admission to the hospital, patients should review their health-plan booklets and contact their health plans to clarify specific benefits and/or requirements. This would include pre-certification. To protect patients from having their bills denied for failure to pre-certify, it is essential that patients determine if their health plan requires pre-certification. If so, patients should follow through with the health plan. Failure to do so may result in the patient having to pay for the entire bill.

Insurance card and identification
It's important that patients bring their current health-insurance cards and a photo identification with them when registering.

Patients are asked to sign a variety of forms. These include a form regarding the release of medical records to the patient's insurer and another assigning insurance benefits to the hospital. Patients are also asked to sign forms indicating they have been provided information about the hospital-privacy and advance-directive policies.

Advance directives
Not everyone needs to refer to their written advance directive, but it is very important to have one in your medical record. Please ask your Lodi Memorial Hospital Admissions Representative for a sample so that you may discuss with your loved ones what medical measures you wish taken, or not, in the event you are not able to make or communicate your decisions.

For most scheduled procedures patients are pre-admitted by telephone. Most paperwork is taken care of at this stage. However, when pre-admitted patients arrive at the hospital, they should present themselves to the Lodi Memorial Hospital Admissions Department Staff for wrist bands and last-minute details.

Deductibles and co-payments
Based on your insurance, the hospital collects deductibles and co-pay deposits at time of registration.

Discharge Information

To assist patients with the planning and preparation of their discharge from Lodi Memorial Hospital, the following is a summary of services provided:

  • Discharge time from Lodi Memorial Hospital is 11am on the day of discharge.
  • If the patient's physician orders medications, LMH staff will fax the prescription to a pharmacy of the patient's choice.
  • When the patient's physician orders medical equipment, LMH discharge-planning staff will order the patient's equipment from the company of the patient's choice (depending on insurance contracts, etc.).
  • If the patient's physician orders home health to visit the patient in his or her home, LMH discharge-planning staff will make these arrangements with any agency of the patient's choice.
If a patient is being discharged home, he or she should arrange for transportation to arrive no later than 11am. Patients who need an ambulance or wheelchair transport home will receive assistance for those arrangements from the LMH discharge-planning staff for no later than 11am.

If a patient is being discharged to a skilled-nursing facility, the transfer will be arranged for no later than 11am.

If a patient anticipates needing further assistance in his or her discharge, he or she should let the nurse know immediately so the hospital can provide the patient with further assistance.

Thank you for choosing Lodi Memorial Hospital for inpatient medical services.

Billing Information

Pay Your Bill Online

The Lodi Memorial Hospital Patient Financial Services Department is available to assist patients and/or their family members with questions regarding hospital bills.

Office/phone hours:
Mon. - Fri., 7a-5p
800/323-3360, ext. 7543


The Lodi Memorial Hospital Patient Financial Services Department wants to be sure that patients are correctly billed for their care. This guide offers information to help patients understand the hospital-billing and collection processes.

Hospital admissions and billing processes can sometimes be confusing. A review of this information will help. If there is anything else the hospital staff can do to help, please ask.

Financial responsibilities
Lodi Memorial Hospital makes every effort to provide excellent patient care while containing costs. In return the hospital appreciates patients' efforts to pay for care fully and in a timely manner. Statements will be sent to patients until accounts are paid in full.

Financial counselors
Financial counselors are available to answer any of your billing questions, establish payment arrangements and help determine eligibility for financial-assistance programs.

Patient billing
Patients with insurance coverage will have their plans billed shortly after services are provided. Patients are asked for a deposit prior to an elective admission. Self-pay patients who pay in full within 30 days from the first statement date can receive a 40-percent discount for inpatient and emergency visits and a 20-percent discount for outpatient and clinic visits. Patients unable to pay the entire amount, or who wish to make payment arrangements, should call the number on their statements.

Other bills
Hospital statements contain charges only for services provided by the hospital. Patients may also receive bills from physicians or ambulance services.

Financial-Assistance Program

Patients who do not have the means to pay for their hospital bill may qualify for our financial-assistance program. Applicants who are eligible for this program will receive partial or full assistance with their medical bills.

Eligibility is based on the applicant's net worth and income. To determine eligibility the hospital uses federal poverty guidelines.

To qualify for this program, you must complete the financial-disclosure form and provide the requested information. These forms are available in the Lodi Memorial Hospital Admissions Department, Emergency Department or Business-Services Department. You may also request one from a financial counselor at the number below.

Lodi Memorial Hospital
Business-Services Office
Conrad Building
On the corner of Ham at Vine


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